E-Learning Plan Hearing

E-Learning Plan
This email is to inform you that the School Board will be having a public hearing tomorrow night at 6:15 at the school to field any questions or concerns regarding the renewal of the district's E-Learning Plan.  The E-Learning Plan is a document that spells out the basic requirements that must be in place if learning were to take place online/virtually (like during Covid) in lieu of traditional face-to-face instruction.  Almost all of the schools connected to the Atkinson Regional Office of Education (ROE) and the Rock Island Regional Office of Education (ROE) have an E-Learning Plan in place. 
Converting to E-Learning is a bumpy process and we know that students traditionally do NOT learn as well in that format.  However, the Administration and the School Board want to renew the district's E-Learning Plan IN CASE more complicated situations arise - like if the school's heating systems were to fail during the winter forcing the school to be closed for multiple days.  Another example would be if the school were to have significant fire damage that closed the building for multiple days.  With an approved E-Learning Plan in place, virtual options could be used until the building was inhabitable again.  With a renewed E-Learning Plan in place, the school COULD utilize E-Learning to count those days as student attendance days.  
Please know that the intent of renewing the district's E-Learning Plan is to have this structure in place IN CASE a situation were to arise where the school had to be closed down for a multi-day unexpected closure.  We do not plan to convert to E-Learning for the occasional snow day.  Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting at 6:15 p.m. at the school on Thursday, October 12, 2023.  Notice of this meeting was also put into the local newspaper on September 29, 2023.  Please contact the district office if you have any questions.