ESSR 3 Use of Funds

Esser 3 funds plan 

Colona SD 190’s plan for ESSER 3 funds includes several components to address unfinished learning and to further implement prevention and mitigation that are inline with CDC guidance. 

Unfinished learning: 

Colona SD 190 will employ two teachers to address learning loss. One teacher will reduce class size to allow for more individualized instruction. Another teacher will work with small groups of students to meet their needs in unfinished learning. Additional paraprofessionals will be utilized to work with small groups of students under the direction of a certified teacher. 

Colona will also implement a summer enrichment program. This program will employ teachers and paraprofessionals. At risk students will receive additional instruction during the summer enrichment program. An online intervention program will be utilized for the after school program. The program, Edgenuity, will allow students to access online interventions after the normal school day. 

Facilities for prevention and mitigation: 

Colona SD 190 will use ESSER 3 funds to improve ventilation and social distancing in the science room. Consultation with the architect indicated that this room was the least updated for the 21st century. Improvements are planned to bring this space in line with the academic needs of the 21st century. The improved room will allow for improved ventilation and allows for proper social distancing to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID 19. The district supports maximizing in-person learning. This addition will better support our mission of in-person learning. 



Colona SD 190 will hire a counselor to the social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs of our students. The counselor will provide SEL interventions to students to meet their needs. Additional intervention materials will be purchased for the counselor to use with our students. This will allow Colona to meet the needs of our students that were impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Public Input: 

Colona asked for public input on these proposed projects at school board meetings. Stakeholder groups such as the PTA and student council provided additional input on the proposed projects for Colona. Additional input collected from a variety of stakeholders including staff and community members helped identify the need for these programs.