Thank you CSD #190 BOE!

November 15 is School Board Members Day. This is our opportunity to thank members of the Colona School District #190 Board of Education for providing a local voice for our community’s education decisions. These individuals serve as community advocates who strive for quality education opportunities for every student. They take on this responsibility not for a paycheck, but for their commitment to our community and its children. Our board members spend multiple hours each month on district work, attending meetings, and handling other responsibilities most people will never hear or read about. This is time they could spend with their families and for themselves. Collectively, they are making a difference for every student in this district. Please help us thank our Board Members (Julie VanDeWoestyne, Lindsey Trickey, Julie Arnold, Dennis Teichman, Bill Rossow, Patricia Sedlock, and Jim Legare) for their ongoing work.